Praying for baby#1 this year ladies?

Hi ladies!

I just turned 24 and hubby just turned 27. We've been ttc for 2years and some months.

I mean its very frustrating and depressing at times but i got a bit use to seeing af come every hubby gets disappointed sometimes though..but says when the time is right it will happen,which i love that about him..hes positive.

I have a regular cycle. But notice that i dont get ewcm no more..havent had it for 2years dont know why. My doc says i do ovulate though.

Still praying for this year too be the babyblessing year for us. Trying not to stress about anything and trying to eat right. Ive been taken prenatals before ttc,But found out i should be taken folic acid it self,because there isnt enough in prenatals.

Are any of you ladies ttc baby#1

And ttc for awhile?

And how do you handle seeing your period every month.