"Leakage of blood in placenta"

That's literally all the doctor on call said to me after getting my anotomical scan yesterday. I haven't been able to sleep (hence my 3am post right now🙈) worried sick as to what this means and how it effects my baby! So upset the doctor didn't go into further detail or do anything to reassure me, during the ultrasound the nurse had assured me that my little one was growing great & moving around a lot, good heart beat & all! So I'm just wondering if anyone's had anything like this, any type of advice or honestly anything is good to hear, I'm trying to not overthink, googling it didn't come up with much but I guess it might be from stress or making too much effort? As a sophomore in college about to be a single mom I work three jobs & am still a full time student, but I'm willing to make any changes for my little guy. Having an OB appointment Monday afternoon so hopefully that'll be more informative & finally give me peace of mind🙏🏼
Sending out much love & good vibes to everyone else! I wanted to also share some beautiful pictures from the ultrasound of my sweet precious little boy💙