In laws 😡 (might be long sorry)

Kelli • My wife and I got married in March 2015. We had our first baby together may 25 2016. We are trying for baby number 3!
So my mother in law is nuts. I've posted about this before. I just need to rant bc I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and the ridiculousness it's just crazy. Mostly I laugh but the guilt she tries to bring on my wife is crazy. This might be long....
Two issues: my sister in law doesn't think this child is her nephew bc my wife didn't carry. Which makes me mad bc j have an 8 year old step daughter. So my wife tried to talk to her sister about it. Bc their mom kept saying she wanted to talk to HER sister. They don't like me bc I'm protective of my wife and don't let them walk all over her and treat her like crap anymore. My sister in law is obsessed with my daughter. Which is great but she's taken no interest in this baby. Jess, my wife, called her out on it. She said we talk about Kelli's child all the time. My wife said my child. And her sister was like you're reading too much into it. Then she was like well our relationship with different when you had Olivia. So bc you don't get alone with your sister anymore you can't have. A relationship with your nephew ? Just ignorant. And everyone is like when the baby is here it's different. Umm no you denied in before he got here you get nothing with him after. And same goes for the child my wife will carry. You denied the one I carry then you have no access to any of the children. You don't get to pick which niece or nephew you like and then like 2 out of 3 bc of where they came out of ! So that's sister in law! 
Now onto mother in law.. This is what I deal with. 
My wife tried to talk to her about it. She called me a guard dog and a wall. Really ? Well I'm about to show you a guard dog. I'm the reason she sees her granddaughter when we get her for the weekends. Ok no more. Mess with me. See what happens. She's crazy. She's stalked my wife before and made her lose jobs. She said if j wanted to show up I would but I don't. That's doesn't make anyone feel better. She's just mad everyone has Jess's number but her. Consider me dead... Done deal. I had asked her if she wanted to watch our son be born you know another grandchild first boy! She said she would get back to me. But if it were Jess carrying she would be up her ass. So I'm done. Our son doesn't need it. I can't stop the relationship she has w Olivia but no need to damage anyone else. 
Thank you for letting me vent !!!