My mothers being an a*hole

Let me give you some background info. My. SO and I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter . We were pretty sure for awhile that we were only going to have the one child.. By choice. Our parents including my mother were really bothering us a lot about having another child . Saying stuff that it was wrong of us to make our daughter an only child. I don't agree with that . I think it's fine to have one child if that's what is right for your family. However , means my so did decided to try again . We changed our minds and decided we would like another baby. Now my mother has made comments like " Scarlett ( our first daughter) will always be number 1"   " well we don't know this new baby yet so Scarlett comes first"  wtfffff!?!? I just think it's extremely rude to say shit like this . I also noticed that everyone that begged us to have another baby is quite absent now . Not that we changed our minds bc they begged us but it's still funny how people are