Natural Breastfeeding positions


So I really want to breastfeed my child but I am nervous! My sisters both had a lot of trouble breastfeeding even though they did a lot of research, learned all the "traditional" holds in classes (such as cross cradle and football hold) and had help from lactation consultants - one ended up not being able to continue breastfeeding and the other said it was quite painful, got cracked nipples and suffered for a about 4 weeks until it went away. I'm not sure which scenario is worse, all I know is I don't want either of these to happen to me!

My mother said she didn't have any problems breastfeeding, so I looked up the positions she described and it resembles natural breastfeeding positions (aka biological nursing, laid-back breastfeeding, biological hold). After watching some tutorials online and the "breast crawl" videos where the babies latch themselves right after birth, I think these positions make sense... but when I asked the instructor at my birth center, she didn't know anything about them and was quite skeptical.

Has anyone ever tried any of these natural breastfeeding positions? If yes, how did it go for you?