Here's my story

So this is my story...
I swore to myself that once I got a positive pregnancy test that I would just stop using the <a href="">Glow app</a> and not post about it because I hated seeing everyone get positive tests and not me. BUT my story was a little interesting so I thought I'd share with you anyway.
My husband and we're TTC for 8 months with no luck.  I got pregnant twice before without even trying, one resulting in a chemical pregnancy.  I thought for sure when we started trying it was going to happen right away. BUT, it didn't. 
About a year ago I had a LEEP procedure, so I thought that was the reason I wasn't getting pregnant. I went to my doctor and told him my concerns and he told me that wasn't why. He told me to give him 4 months of trying. Theses 4 months came and went without any luck.  Then I went back and he ordered a sono of my ovaries.  Came back that I have pcos. He told me I should go to a fertility doctor so they could tell me when I'm ovulating.  So my husband and I went this past Tuesday and he said that I was going to most likely be prescribed clomid once he monitored a cycle of mine and did blood work. Now let me rewind a few weeks. My husband and I decided this month we weren't going to try so that we could plan a family vacation.  
Last night I am sitting on the couch and I'm beyond exhausted.  I go into the bathroom and see some brown blood so naturally I thought I was starting my period. The next morning I wake up and there's nothing there. I honestly do not know what compelled me to take a test bc I NEVER thought I would get a positive. To rewind a couple of weeks again, my ovulation tests never said HIGH fertility it was only the flashing smiley face for 7 days! But whatever I took the pregnancy test this morning and received a positive! I then look up that there are a lot of false positives with clear blue digital tests so I made my husband go out to the store and two more tests later they said positive too! 
We are over the moon and praying for a healthy pregnancy.
I was trying to think if I did anything different this month and I did. I tried to be more active and I started drinking green smoothies in the morning. Not sure if that's what helped but it's worth a shot!
Good luck to all you ladies and stay strong.