Emotional wreck?

Jordan • Miscarried 6/14/16 fly high my angel
So I have been extremely emotional the last three days that I've missed my period. I know I'm not pregnant because I've taken two tests and they were both bfn. But I literally just tried on four outfits (which I never do) and cried because my jeans were too loose and looked funky. I also cried because my stupid other pair felt weird. I finally chose a shirt but I am currently pant less because I cannot seem to keep my emotions under control. Also I keep getting angry because even though I spent a half hour doing my makeup I look so ugly. 
Has anyone gone through this? I don't want to take midol (helps with moods I guess) just in case my period starts(if I cramp I know it's started). Just feeling extremely emotional like nothing I've ever experienced before.