6 years of relationship yet unsure

I know this guy as very caring and loving since we started dating . I wasn't serious about him when we started . But he was the sweetest person I knew . We did all the crazy things together , shopped together , We made love and crazy mad love . Like no one on this earth would have ! For 6 years! But the real problem started from the 2nd year when making love  was our only way spending time .. Other than short meet ups or coffee breaks ! I don't know when I fell so hard for him . That I made him my world . And loved him so deep .And he started taking me for granted and started setting rules on my life and Actions . And I got so addicted to him that I listened and did just what he said. I come from a very financially strong  background and he is yet settling up . I would have blown most of savings and earnings on him. After 3 -4 years of our relationship I went through severe depression. As I was working for my family business. I felt very stagnant in life , with no social life and few reasons unknown to myself . He was there for me .. He listened , but was busy in his own life . With a lot of self effort I think I came over 90% of it . There were moments when I wanted to end my life .. But I defeated it . During the 5 th year He did everything he asked me not to do . He started being rude to me and insulting me.he made new friends and made me feel worthless . I always wanted to leave him but I never had the will power and loneliness kept me along his side . I feel a bit stronger now during the 6 th year .. And as when I decided to leave him .. He is a changed person like he was when I met him . My hearts melting again . Though my heads asking to leave . A lot of times I felt he is with me coz he knows his life would be better and he would be financially supported. I don't think he's ever cheated . But he does have an strong inclination towards other girls and checks out every girl who passes by.  I don't know what to do . Any suggestions??