My problems so if u r going to be mean about ur post Reread my post again

Hi I have anxiety and panic attacks for anything I also have depression and sudicial and I'm a cutter I can't have a normal life I have to go one day at a time about of problems ppl don't understand y I play pranks or post something that on my mind it's Bc only days little things like laughing or talking to someone I hardly can't do I got this app Bc I thought this will be a good thing but I don't think or care right now Bc I'm what I call the decision to cut my wrists and hind my feelings away or to speak my mind and tell u what I have to say and the other thing is I'm 16 almost 17 years old I already know what so like to be bullied I know what it is like to feel alone and I know my life been hell IM not saying this for a reaction I'm saying this Bc I'm done playing game so if u don't like the truth than Idc Bc I'm not going to take mean comments or any of that I have enough I'm tired Bc I have to fight every single day to not kill myself I have. To fight every single day not to cut myself i have to fight every single day to live and most days I can't show feelings or emotions The days I do I will post something idk this is the truth about me Ig u didn't know that about me