Fatigue in 2nd trimester?

A🕊 • 30ish. Married to DH for 6+ years. #1 born 2016. #2 born 2018. Professional. Army wife. LDS.
Is fatigue normal in the 2nd trimester? Everything I read says I'll start having more energy now that I've entered the 2nd trimester. I wasn't particularly fatigued in the first trimester- maybe for a week or 2 around 7 weeks I needed some naps. Nauseous, yes; fatigued, no. Not in the first trimester anyway. Nowadays, after lunch at work? Fugghettaboutit. I'm sooo sleepy. I've napped after work a couple days this week (which really messes up my schedule, hence why I'm on this app at this hour...). Anyway, is anyone experiencing fatigue in their 2nd trimester? I'm 15 weeks.