Hi, after my mum having 3 very bad birth experiences, being a birthing partner myself where she only had gas and hearing a lot of stories where my friends had natural births (some v painful) followed by an epidural to get fixed up afterwards, I have decided I want an epidural as early in labour as I can. But I'm worried !petrified! the hospital - midwife etc will force me to try to go natural and say things like you can do it/ it's too late etc I'm so worried I keep having nightmares and it's affecting my sleep so much I'm shattered. Please could you share with me any advice on how to best ensure my wishes are acted upon. I will of course change any plans to keep baby and me safe but I just don't see the need (unless of course you want to which I really don't)  to have a natural birth? Thank you ( scared FTM) Xx