Would you stay ?

Hey ladies so I'm 35 weeks pregnant, I live with the father of the baby with my son from my previous relationship. We act like a couple but not on social media we're both single, like my friends think I'm a single pregnant girl lol. I stopped trying making it work with him since he's been caught up with his ex he had years together with and a son also. Last night he told me he knows I'm not happy and sees me depressed and that's why he try's to work late so he won't get to see me like this cause he doesn't know what to do to make me happy which obviously it's just to show me off in social media. But I'm passed that point I don't even want to show him off myself anymore not even when my daughter gets here. I don't want to post any pictures of them together. In my first relationship with my first son I left because I wasn't happy he kept cheating on me and didn't want to change. So now my current partner let's call him tells me that I have to put my feelings aside if I'm not happy with him, that I have to stuck it up and deal with it so our daughter can have a family to grow up in unlike his son and my son. Is that right ? For me to put aside that I'm miserable living with someone who I just don't want to be with ? Person who's pushed me to so far that I'm just over it already? Everyday it's the same, I wake up than wake him up get him ready for work than he's gone all day and I stay home with my son cleaning, cooking, and spending time with my son. The days he's official off its awkward because I've put my wall up and don't want to let him in since he has hurt me so much and honestly don't care about the relationship or him anymore. So ladies would you stay just for your kid?