Some reassurance for ladies.

I've been pregnant five times, still no baby. Drs couldn't figure out why I kept losing them between seven and eight weeks. They offered me lovenox for this pregnancy to help the placenta and uterus "bond better". I was already nine weeks before I started the lovenox but that's our secret. I'm now 35+3 with a beautiful baby boy and I don't think I'll make it to 38 weeks much less 40. We've been seeing the specialist this whole pregnancy and me and baby have received so many gold stars (not literally) and we are both perfectly healthy. He's head down, I've been dropping for weeks, belly button is officially an outie, and my weekly NST has shown little contractions, about four an hour for the last two weeks. Bottom line is, Drs still don't know why I suffered miscarriages but after all that, I have had a perfect pregnancy and we are ready to welcome our newest arrival anytime now. I won't tell u to stay positive but I do wish I could have enjoyed this pregnancy, but instead I lived in fear until I was in my third trimester and now its almost over, but that's OK, it was all worth it. And one day... Whether u carry on ur own or use a surrogate (which is what I thought I'd have to do) it will be worth it for all u ladies too. I'll post my bundle of joy when he arrives and if I'm still contracting at my NST next week it might be about that time... Fingers crossed and good luck ladies. Hang in there.