so frustrating!!

emily • me 38 :: DH 40 :: DS 2 :: TTC #2
Well, I'm 12 DPO still with BFNs. I have a 13 day LP so AF is due Wednesday. I think I've convinced myself that this is the month... my BBT started to show a triphasic pattern, I've had twinges, mild deep cramping, dizziness, and nausea since 8-9 DPO, my dreams have been crazy vivid, and my CM continues to be a creamy lotion-like consistency.  Now my temp is a few tenths of a degree lower even though my symptoms persist.  My acupuncturist even told me my heart rate was strong and "slippery" on Saturday, which apparently means there's a possibility of pregnancy!! But the BFNs still keep showing up. Ugh, so frustrating.  I'm thinking of stopping temping all together and just BD'ing without all the pressure and worrying about which day it is. *le sigh* :/