Alright ladies I need some endo advice

So I stopped my birth control about a month before my wedding which was September 27.  This was also about a month after my second laparoscopy procedure. I stopped because it just wasn't working to help control the endometriosis anymore and I wanted to clear my system for a few months and then start exploring other options. Well, my husband and I took absolutely no precautions whatsoever. So after my wedding I was 9 days late and had a very light period with minimal to no cramping which is very unusual for me. And now here I am 10 days late no sign of starting any time soon. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests, and they're both negative. We had intercourse and it HURT!! Like he was punching my right ovary, and now the pain won't go away. I know I need to call the doctor, but I wanted to get some tips and see if this has happened to anyone else?