Please help!

I had a miscarriage on March 17th😢 I was 13+ weeks. On April 2nd I ovulated. Hubby and I had sex the day before (not thinking I would ovulate so soon). 2 weeks later I had some spotting for a couple of days and then it stopped.  The following week a started experiencing some prego symptoms that I had experienced with my last pregnancy. A week ago I took a test (I wanted to be sure I wasn't pregnant before I took some allergy medicine). It came up positive. I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or if it was just leftover HCG from my last pregnancy in March. I've taken several test over the past week and they've all been positive. None of them have gotten darker, they've all stayed light. Last night I started cramping and bleeding lightly (only when I wipe). I've had cramps off and on today and still the light pink bleeding. I'm wanting to know if you think I was pregnant and am miscarrying again or if this is just a weird cycle...? My miscarriage in March was my first one so I don't know what to expect. My progesterone was low in my last pregnancy and I was on progesterone pills. Should I go to the dr and find out if I'm pregnant and miscarrying or does this just seem like a "normal" cycle after a miscarriage. (I know everyone is different though)