Help pls

I don't know if I'm late I'm embarassed to say but I'm not sure if I'm late as I did no opk this month as I thought I would take a break but now I'm lost 🙈 so hopefully you guys can tell me whether to test or just wait it out longer...
Few so called symptoms maybe 
Migraines when I wake up 
Pinches in my left pelvic side 
Sometimes I swear I can feel my period is gonna come any moment but then nothing 
My cm when I checked it was lotion like and white my cervix I checked once the day before yesterday and it was tilted back like a weirdo 
major vivid dreams yesterday I dreamt I was pregnant and that has been the theme of most dreams over the last 6 days 
I stopped smoking weed other then a few pulls here or there but never a full blown spliff  don't judge 🙏🏼 last week weds I had a pull and vomited after instantly feeling sick 
Been sleeping a lot more more and wake up feeling weeks sometimes like I'm still tired 
Usually I get sore boobs from ovulation to period on and off but defo have sore boobs but nothing this month no acne no sore boobs no diarrhea no appetite increase coming to period nothing 
My last period was 30th of March my luteal phase is usually 11-13 days I have three ttc apps ovia with is usually the most accurate that's say I was due for my period on the 28/4 then I have kindara saying 30/4 and glow saying 4/5 I'm just super confused any ideas 
Also my tiny ransoms waves off queasiness and my head sometimes feels like my ears need to pop 
Thanks and baby dust to all xxx✨✨✨