Baby shower drama

Okay so I just need a place to vent other then FB or to family it only makes the situation worst. My mom has been planning my baby shower for the last couple of months. She reached out several times to my SOs family for help so everyone could feel included. They never responded or stepped up so my mom took everything upon herself on top of her regularly scheduled life as a Nurse practitioner, Educator, & mother. Here we are today with venue set, day set, and decision of co-Ed baby shower diaper party, it just makes everything easier and almost 50 rsvps. My baby shower is set for June 12th that's literally in 6wks the invites have been sent. Now all of a sudden my SOs family has some input on everything, there's a problem with location, it should be traditional (women only, men should have separate party), the date, literally everything. I'm becoming so stressed and pissed off because one even though this is both mine and my fiancé first baby I wasn't gonna even have one due to the fact that we are a interracial couple trying to bring our families together and its a bit difficult and awkward at times and there's always been an issue of my family being more well off but everyone talked us into. For two my mom has spent every penny from her own pocket and all she wanted in return was for me and my So to not have to worry about any part of it and since planning it that's all I've been doing is worrying nonstop. My due date is July 17th &summers are busy and I really don't see 6wks being enough time to change anything. I just wanted this day to be special now I just want it to come and go. Sorry if I sound prude or ungrateful it's not meant to sound that way I'm just really bummed about the whole thing