My hubs thinks I have to eat for 2

My hubs has the misconception I have to eat for 2... He's on a diet so today we had subway...he considered I was eating too healthy... So for dinner I was craving a taco salad (which isn't healthy at all really And I was craving extra sour cream) but since it has the word "salad" in it.. He says im starving the baby.. So he goes through the drive thru at Taco Bell orders my taco salad and I got a small bowl of pintos and cheese (for later if I had room and didn't have room) and he orders a steak quesarita  and we get the food and says her it's for you 😳 im so bloated and eat the filling in the salad and he's mad I didn't eat the shell...but HONESTLY I had no room or Id barf... I've explained to him my food choices usually are healthy but I'm not starving the baby?! Geez!