When To Walk Away

Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 2 yrs .Ive lost friends because of this relationship which than created a rocky relationship with my family . I love him with every bone in my body and i know he loves me but he is very abusive when he gets mad nothing too serious but a busted lip and a black eye I have always told myself i would never stand for no abusive relationship that could never be me but its different when it is you . Everyone wants me to leave him But i love and believe in him . He watched his dad beat his mom into an alcoholic so hes only doing what he seen his dad do . He is 19 iam 21 we started dating when he was 17 and let me tell you he has changed so much everything but him putting his hands on me . Its always oh im sorry ill never do it again he'll give me head ill forgive him but soon as he gets mad again hes right back at it. He is my best friend my only friend my someone to run to when i. Have no one i can tell him any and everything and he a listen our bond is like no other i do everything in my power to make him happy and feel like a man n loved because truth be told his mother isnt shit neither is his daddy im all he has and he still put his hands on me . yes i wanna walk away no i dont wanna see him with someone else but i feel like this is going to end badly one day. Either hes going to kill me or im going to kill him no i dont wanna leave him yes i love him but i love myself more . but still i just cant walk away.. Call me stupid but im so confused i just need a womens point of view everyone says leave him but ive worked so hard ive put so much into this i dont want anyone else but i feel as though .. Idk