Gonna vent here sorry

Adrine • Iam 26 have a beautiful daughter and a great husband and trying for baby number 2!!
Am gonna vent bcuz I feel like I have to iam so emotional that it's nuts I got angry bcuz my husband took a drink out of my soda when useally I don't really care also I have been cramping for the last 2 weeks still haven't gotten a period every time I take a test it says negative so angry at those test not only that my breast are hurting they have gotten a little bit biger my bra fits to tight not only that am so tired of going to the bathroom every 30 minutes to pee it's like really omg will u stop already iam so tired I haven't done very much besides clean the house up my last period was October 17th and I don't think I will have a period bcuz I never get this way when I have a period on Monday I have a doctor apointment so am gonna see when they can test for a positive result anyway I think that's all am going to take a nap now maybe I will feel better when I wake up