Fell in love in Paris!

Omg you guys. I was in Paris last week and after one day of traveling alone decided that I'd rather travel with some one. I mean Paris is for lovers right? Well after the first day I went to Luxembourg for some time and after some calculated Tinder swiping, I started talking to this super cute Portuguese guy who is living in Luxembourg. After furiously messaging each other, we exchanged numbers and began talking off line. Very cool guy. Very genuine. All of that. So I ended up being too busy to meet until an hour before my train left so I invited him to meet me for coffee. Unfortunately he was an hour away so we never got to meet. But me being a helpless romantic constantly singing Today was aFairytale by Taylor Swift, I asked him if he was feeling spontaneous and if he was up for an adventure. I mean what could be better than traveling to Paris and falling in love? So after much discussion, he bought his train ticket to Paris and met me there later that night! Amazing! And the next 38 hours were the most magical hours that my little heart has ever experienced. We walked around the city and spent our afternoon under the Eiffel Tower. It was like an immediate connection. One that I sensed when we were messaging before. It was crazy because there was no overwhelming feeling of this earth shattering love. It was simple. We immediately fell into place. We immediately felt natural and comfortable. So at the end of my 38 hours, I had to return to the states. And I knew we had told each other that we had fallen in love with one another and that we loved each other so much. But part of me thought it was too quick and probably more infatuation or lust. And that after I arrive home, I will move on and forget about it. And it will be a great story to tell. But when we got to the airport, I started crying so much. I felt  like I was leaving a part of myself and I wasn't sure if I'd see him again. I knew that I had fallen in love in a very real way. It was so fast but it was real. And it hurt so much to leave him. Now we are keeping in touch and talking everyday. But we are not sure when we will see each other again. I can't believe I love someone so much after knowing them for not even 2 days. I know this sounds silly and like a romance novel or whatever but I honestly am in shock that this happened to me for real. Of course I dreamed it to happen. So now I don't know how to proceed. I need long distance advice. 4500 miles from the most amazing man. I want one day for us to be together and we are trying to make that happen. So I need help along the way. Any advice for me?