What would you do?

So I went to the doctor today, cycle day 60, no period. I got off at birth control on September 12th and have not had a period since September 16th. Prior to using birth control for a year I had been using anything for 4 months and didn't get pregnant. I discussed with the doctor that I want to get pregnant. She gave me a few options. 1. I could continue to try naturally and see if my period comes within a few months. 2 start me on provera and then clomid. 3 just take Provera to start my period. a million thoughts came to my mind, but ultimately I just want to have a baby so it shouldn't matter how long I try naturally. The doctor said that I wasn't considered infertile because I haven't been trying for a year but she understood that I want to have a baby now so she gave me a prescription for provera and then she would give me the prescription for clomid. As I drive home I feel conflicted. Should I wait to try a little longer naturally or should I just go ahead and start with the clomid since the end result would be the same and I just want my little baby. What would you do?

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