Thinking I'm done with TTC

I BD so much last month and through ovulation week and everything. I've completely changed my eating habits I don't drink at all! I work out four days a week and run. It's been almost 2 years and nothing. Second month of clomid and I just don't think I can take the heartache anymore. It's so depressing and said and I swear everyone around me is pregnant. Friends and family that didn't even want anymore kids are pregnant. How unfair is that. I am so sad! I want to cry everytime I see that one line pop up. I really think I am going to give myself a break from TTC and just enjoy my husband and two kids we already have( mine from ex husband). I am thinking that if I take a couple months off I can relax and maybe then start again and just can't take the negative test anymore. How do YALL get over this.