Worth taking a hpt?

Hi,  I've had a niggling feeling I might be pregnant but I'm not sure whether I'm just getting my hopes up or not and don't want to become obsessed with taking tests so I haven't taken one yet. I have GI problems so it's hard to know what's what! I have been having worse problems with my bowels the past couple of weeks and bad bloatin and gas and have sickness bad in the morning (normally for me it's just the evening) and sometimes throughout the whole day. I have craving for sweet things a lot lately and then some Radom things but normally feel icky once I have them! My breats have gone from a 32D to a 34E in two weeks and are very vainly. My lady area looks darker on the inner labia and I have gained a kg dispite not being able to eat! The only thing that's making me think I'm not is I stopped my contraceptive patch 2 weeks ago now and had a withdrawal bleed last week even tho I'm not due my period for another week and I'm normally on time it only lasted two days and was light and I know it was because of stopping the contrecaption but surely I can't be pregnant after bleeding? Why I think I could be also is because I wasn't very good with my patch even tho I tried and i was also on antibiotics for two weeks which I know can make contraception not work as well. Me and my OH have talked about having a baby and want it but we were waiting because he's in the Royal Marines basic training. So I do want to be pregnant we just weren't actually 'trying' because of him being away a lot! Any advice? Pic above of my bloating, very bad! I'm normally only a uk size 10!