Marriage problems

I'm 27 and have been with my SO for 6 years we have two children and are trying for #3, he's always been a pretty sweet guy besides the fact that #1 he's not very active with our children and #2 he's becoming more and more controlling. Let me get this straight, he would never lay a hand on me however he always has to be 100% in control like in the car were not "allowed" to make a lot of noise or when he's watching tv the kids have to play in their room etc... I love him I really do but if something doesn't go his way it's a fight and I mean knock out drag out and he doesn't care who we are around our children friends family... It doesn't matter! I have almost gotten to the point where I want to throw my hands up but I know deep down there's another guy in there, he never EVER will talk about problems he ignores them all the time so for me my emotions build up because I never get to work or talk them out :( I'm having a very hard time here I know marriage is sacred and forever I honestly believe that but I cannot keep living this way with my children! I don't need advice so much as I did to vent anonymously... But any suggestions are welcome, it's getting to the point where none of my friends even want to be around when he's there :-(