Parents please

I've worked in a truck stop for a while, please stop letting your babies come in and use the bathroom or pay for gas alone.

I've seen too many 3 and 4 year olds coming in alone while you sit in the car. And I know they're coming in alone because I watch them from the car to the bathroom and then I watch to make sure those babies leave the bathroom and make it back to your car.

You do not know the type of people who come in there. I've heard multiple times truck drivers say very obscene things about young girls. And even more truck drivers tell me stories about how a driver will pick up young girls for sex.

I've seen so many parents allow their kids to come in alone and it really is scary to me. Especially the parents who have the kids come in alone at 3 in the morning. If the workers don't care, nobody is watching to see if those babies make it back to you.