Who do I pick? 😔


I am in a really difficult spot. I have never said I love you to any of my relationships Ive never felt it before until my last relationship but its been really rocky.

We have been together 8 months and broken up twice. Once because we thought he was moving and when we broke up that time we sat on the floor him holding me while I was crying for hours. He has a lot of issues such as depression self pitty hate zero motivation . And he was in the Navy for 4 years. There has been many points where he has made me feel so low about myself. Saying things like you will never make me happy or life is shit get over it. But he can also make me the happiest person ever. We jeep together and go exploring . Not to mention the sex is the best Ive ever had .

But there is another guy . That i started seeing when Alex and I broke up. Devin is very sweet but he is 8 years older than me . He has his life set and is ready for kids and a wife im only 19 and not ready for that. The sex with him is terrible . He is always wanting to hang out and I have said I just want to be friends . My mom is pushing this and does not know im back with Alex.

I have no idea what to do or who to chose.