Help me understand Ladies 💁🏾

Tasha • Living life like it's golden 🇹🇹
Why is it when I'm not at all "put together" that I get THE MOST attention and affection from my Man? So tonight he got off late from work and honestly he'd started this whole unnecessary drama earlier. Then he calls and says he's in front of my house. So clearly I have no time to put my self together in the least. I'm telling you my hair was pin curled so my head was tied up in a head wrap and I was wearing my black and white silk nighty shirt and flip flops. He then proceeded to tell me how beautiful and gorgeous I am. Meanwhile, I'm thinking "LIES"! Anyway then when I actually put forth an effort meaning hair and makeup is done and my outfit is together I get the "you look cute" 😐. But then on nights like last night he's all extra passionate and I'm like wait am I missing something?! So ladies weigh in please. Have you experienced anything similar?