This could cost me my marriage

I've been with my husband for 4years and married 5months. I am extremely awkward and no fun in bed and it's obviously affecting our marriage. I am also pregnant with our 2nd child. I mostly don't persue and I usually just lay there and let him do his thing but I do encourage him while laying there.. Sometimes he convinces me to be on top and I do it because I know what happens when I reject. But I always feel what I'm doing is wrong. Sometimes he grabs my thighs and moves me but I feel as if it's more of correcting me. He's very open with his feelings about this and to be honest I can't blame him. He's says it makes him feel unloved. I'm pretty sure he'll divorce me if things don't change soon. I mean he's constantly getting hit on so he's not unattractive. It's just me I just feel like what I'm doing is well not right or completely awkward. I need help girls. I'm looking more Victoria's Secret sexy and less porno sexy.   And I do wear lingerie occasionally but after he's seen it a few times he's like got anything new? But I can't even afford anything new and I can't even drive somewhere to get it because I don't have a car.. Or friends..   Please help.