Do you hide cash away?

Meagan • IT Consultant | Wine Enthusiast | Tired!
So, not like a drug dealer or anything, but I grew up in a family where dad was self employed (oil & gas production company) and I remember many times finding cash hidden around the house as a child. Dad always said it was in case anything ever happened and it was smart to be prepared no matter what. 
Well, that was normal growing up and I do it now as an adult (self employed, IT for oil & gas). I have, in total, less than 10k around the house probably closer to 5. Well, hubby found a SMALL ($200) stash and thinks I am hiding money from HIM! 
I remember dad being out of town when we only had major medical insurance and my brother broke his arm and mom called dad and dad said "check the world map, there should be enough to cover the ER for tonight, I'll be back tomorrow." To me, it's a normal thing. Also, very useful! I never have to hit up the ATM!
Does anyone else do this? Is it really that unusual? Is it really that offensive? That was no ill intention in stashing the money, I just did what was habit from childhood.