Losing weight (9w6d)

Jenni • Married. 1st son is almost 2, pregnant with baby #2 due June 11th
My prepregnancy weight (aka right around the time of conception) was 227-228lbs. I'm 5'3.5'' I was keeping track of my weight and going to the gym I was not ttc. Since finding out I'm pregnant I've only been to the gym once!! Not good, I know, but I now weigh 212lbs at 9w3d. 
I've been weighing myself every morning around he same time wearing the same amount of clothes (or lack thereof) for the last 3 weeks,  this adds up to 16lbs since conception and 9 pounds in exactly 3 weeks of weighing myself everyday.
What do you think? It's okay? It's a good thing since I'm overweight? I'm still eating and taking my prenatal vitamin. I'm also drinking lots of water.