ttc frustration...

Brittany • TTC 2nd child, on Metformin for PCOS

I'm really trying to stay positive and not stress about things. but I'm only 24... I'm supposed to be in my prime time for having kids. yet here I am 3 years ttc and no luck. found out in August I have pcos. just finished my first 10 day provera to induce period

. finished the last pill 4 days ago waiting for af to show up. gonna do 50mg clomid days 3-7. I'm trying to stay stress free and be positive but the way things have went with me I can't help but be really negative about the clomid I just can't get it in my mind that it's gonna work.. my sis in law just had her 4th child in 6 years.. it's getting really hard for me to even see babies because all I wanna do is cry.. i just had to get all that out..