What's it like being the first mum of your friends?

⭐️MerFerret⭐️ • Married 2015 • 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 • New 🐶 mama • Lupus & Fibro
If I get this job I'm applying for (fingers crossed) we can start trying in about 6 months. Thing is, most of our friends aren't really in the same position as we are. We were blessed to find each other in high school and are now 21 and 23. Most of our friends aren't going to graduate for another  year or so and don't have long term SOs, let alone trying for a baby.
I know we'll probably also make new friends in the baby groups we'll be going to (there's a lot of great community programs here). But I don't want to end up losing out current friends as well. I know at least 2 will be godparents one we have a little one, but I can't help but wonder how long the others will put up with our baby stuff.
We have great friends, and I'm sure that I'm just overreacting and using sitcoms instead of real life stuff, but being a parent changes everything. Have you guys held onto your friends just fine?