Metformin during pregnancy

Hi everyone, 
​Has anyone had any experience taking metformin  during pregnancy? I have a long back story with PCOS and took metformin for about 6 years until I had my weight down to 61kg ( from a top of 89kg) and was no longer insulin resistant. Was not TTC in that time. My 2 yr old daughter was conceived without it quickly but I took ages to lose the pregnancy weight and GP put me back on it to help kickstart ovulation again. Also had B12 and zinc deficiency which stops ovulation. Was on 2000mg when conceived #2 in August but mc at 10 weeks. The obgyn I saw during the mc said 2000mg was far too high for pcos though it probably didn't cause mc. So now ready to start TTC again and have been tracking since mc, things are looking ok. Back to original question, what experiences have you had taking metformin during pregnancy? Anyone with good outcomes?