Need some insight. Maybe TMI?

Lori • Mom of 3 girls 🥰 Should I have one more? 😍
I'm 25 and my husband is 28. We have just started TTC this week. We have only ever used condoms or pulled out before. So I've never had anyone ejaculate freely inside of me before now; my husband has also never freely ejaculated into anyone else. So it's all just kinda new. (And side note, it was the most intimate experience ever ❤️) My question is this: Is it normal for the semen to just run out of you and be messy? I know this sounds weird, because I assumed it would kinda be like this, but I started to over think and worry that maybe I'm shaped different and that my body naturally pours out the semen lol. I want to make sure at least some semen is getting into my uterus. Just wondering if I'm in with the average. They don't tell you how messy things get.