Pregnant with my second child

So I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and I'm extremely hormonal so I need to post a small rant. So holy $&@! Has anyone else in here had worse pregnancy symptoms with their second baby?! My first pregnancy was easy breezy. I didn't get sick, no cramps, no aversions to food, no crazy hormonal outbursts, no discomfort besides sore boobs and this one is kicking my butt! Lol I think I have EVERY undesirable symptom you can have! (Itchy skin, gas, sweaty, acne,wanna rip my poor husband head off for everything he does or says).. I cry at commercials on tv. I want to eat everything but then when I do I am nauseous and bloated..This is gonna be a long 9 months! Haha still despite how rough it's going so far I can't wait to hsve my little one this July! :) crazy how different pregnancies can be. Hopefully these symptoms ease up. Thought I would just share a little humor to all you other expectant mommies in here who are going thru the same thing. At least it only lasts a couple weeks generally :)