Thoughts on raising kids

Hi ladies I don't have children yet hoping to soon so here's the thing I plan to be strict but not crazy strict like I'm gonna discipline with time outs no spanking and I don't plan on giving my kids sweets or sugar because the way I see it is kids don't know what sugar tastes like unless you give them it I will give treats but I will choose something healthy I believe in spending alot of time teaching and learning together and rewarding the reason I say this is because my friends niece is so bold she eats so much crap because she can and there is no such thing as discipline she can do as she pleases I don't think the child even knows what fruit is and generally they curse around her and I think god I don't ever want my kids to be like that I want them to be educated and make a good life for themselves also when it comes to toys they will play with ages appropriate things and I don't believe in spending hundreds on toys I want them to appreciate what they get and have like I did is that so wrong my friend said your kids will have no life I just want to raise them right and be the best we can I wanna do family activities not let them run wild