Mothers intuition?

My SO(20) and I(18) had sex on the 6-10. We weren't exactly careful. We said we weren't pregnant and left it at that, swearing to buy condoms. Normally I drive myself crazy until I test but after the 3rd time I was convinced there wasn't a point. Until this morning when I spoke to my mom. During a normal conversation she interrupted me and asked if I was sick. I said no and she asked if anything had been going on or if I've been overly stressed. I said no again and she said "well from the tone and sound of your voice I'd say that you were, well I mean you won't know this kind of stress until your blessed with it and hopefully you won't be til later and that it won't happen...uhh sooner.*sigh*" I feel like she was trying to as if I was pregnant.

Now I'm paranoid and worried. I know my mom isn't stupid. She called the day after my SO proposed and asked when the wedding was. I hadn't told anyone about the engagement yet and he didn't ask my dad. No way she could have known, outside of being a mom. So mothers help me out, is this a real thing... Should I be freaking out over what she said? We don't have the money to test right now so I can't do that for another month. But could there be anything to mother intuition?