For everyone! READ:)

I just want all you ladies ttc, to really take a moment and breath. I don't know about any of you's but I have a 4 year old daughter . I got pregnant in june of 2013, and lost it at the end of August. Ever since I guess you could say my bf and I have been ttc . I honestly can say this is so damn frustrating ! And I know you ladies in this group completely understand what I mean. Whenever you hear of someone finding out they are pregnant , wether it's someone you know , or hearing from a friend , that someone they know is pregnant ,I know you all get mad , ( even though you pretend like you're happy . Admit it you aren't ) the only thing you can think of is god why not me ? What have I done , or what am I not doing ! I just want you guys to know , that you are all doing a good job, and your time is coming !! I hate when people say relax have fun, enjoy it . Your thinking about it to much. I guess they have no idea how hard it is to NOT think about it. Keep all of your gorgeous heads up, each and every one of you , will get your wish, don't we're give up. Happy Saturday ladies !!:):)