I woke up this morning sick & started puking. I was a little mad, I knew the stomach virus was going around at my job, but I try so hard to wear gloves & keep my hands clean.

I've been sitting around on fb since I got sick. I've cried at a story about delivering a stillborn @ 15 weeks (I know it's not technically called that, but I believe that if you deliver your child, THAT'S stillbirth, no gestational age needed.)

I also cried at a story someone wrote about the passing of their 1 month old baby.

I then had to get a photo of my son (he lost his heartbeat at 19 weeks) & cry for him.

I briefly thought, "I'm really emotional today. I wonder if I'm pregnant." Then I started crying again because it doesn't matter whether I am or not, I miss my baby & have every right to cry when these topics are mentioned.

Child loss is hard.