Regular BMs

Recently expecting here - roughly 5 weeks. 
Before my monthly cycle comes on I have BMs pretty frequently! I always enjoy it because the rest of the month I suffer from Cronic constipation. I have IBS-C and can sometimes go one week without going. Right before my cycle is on I don't have to take any meds to help! 😁👍🏽 
Well this month I got the cramps (I typically only have them the day before my cycle) and the BMs started, but no cycle. The cramps and the BMs are still going! Anyone else experience a lot of BMs during their pregnancy? Like I go when I get up, sometimes by the time I get to work and at night for sure. Along with a lot of voiding. I enjoy being "regular" without taking meds, but just wondering if anyone else has  experienced this. 
It may be my nerves, too! I go when I get nervous. My husband knows something is up because he asked me if I was ok today because I haven't been eating (no appetite!) and when I come home I just want to play on my iPad. I replied, "of course!" I'm going to tell him soon, just trying to think of a creative way. The doctor won't see me until I'm 9 weeks.