Labor story. Baby is here.

I was due on May 18 (today) but I prayed and prayed that he came over the weekend. About 2 pm Sunday I thought my water broke when I was going pee. I went upstairs to put a pad on and it just kept coming so I took a shower so I could head to the hospital. While in the shower contractions started 2 minutes apart. The hospital is about 30 minutes away. That was a hell of a ride with a bit of swearing lol. Got to the hospital, they gave me an IV and took some blood work. About 30 minutes later I was able to get my epidural. It was a little rough but nothing compared to the pain of the contractions. A few minutes later the anesthesiologist asked if I could feel that. I said no I honestly couldn't feel a thing, he said I was having a very large contraction. They checked me and I was almost 6 cms (around 5 pm.) I continued to progress and started to feel some pressure, I thought it was normal but it was the epi wearing off. So they gave me another dose. At 9 pm I was fully dilated but they wanted th baby to drop a little more. Around 1015pm the nurse checked and had me start trying to push. After an hour and a half of pushing he was here. I went into labor petrified. I had so much anxiety for the weeks leading up to labor. I can say with the epidural it was smooth and pretty easy. Today we were release and we are home. I can't stop looking at my beautiful boy. He's so absolutely perfect. I can't stop crying. I feel so lame because of the amount that I am crying and reason. I don't even want to sleep because I don't want to stop looking at him. I hope other moms feel the same way about their babies. I hope my story puts other people with anxiety at ease.