Pelvic, hip, and low back pain?

Please research SPD symphysis pelvic disfunction/PGP pelvic girdle pain. If you are beginning to experience pain and stiffness when you wake up, pain when turning over in bed, feel as if your pelvis is going to rip apart, your hips click ... You may want to get some help, like physical therapy, chiropractic, and or see an osteo. Wearing a pregnancy belt can help, but the issue is in misalignment, and the hormones released to help relax ligam8does not help. Not enough women know about this, it effects 1 in 5, yet we're told it's normal pregnancy pain, but if you have this, it's not. And it can result in immobility (meaning: bed rest, using crutches or a wheelchair) which usually improves after birth in most. There are movements to avoid that help. Such as, keeping your knees together, avoiding twisting movements like sweeping and vacuuming, and bending over. Sleep with pillow between knees. The point being to keep your hips and pelvis aligned and to not make it worse by stretching the pelvic symphysis apart further. A lot of women are also misdiagnosed with sciatica, which is rare in pregnancy, and the exercises to help sciatica actually make PGP worse. Please be informed. I had it my last pregnancy (#3), and I'm on pregnancy #4 and getting chiropractor and PT, which I hope will prevent complete immobility as I have a 14 mos old to take care of this time.