The rest of the world doesnt know, so i just look crazy

Melanie ā€¢

I was at a deli and STARVING. My all-day nausea is only curtailed by constant snacking so i know, if i dont get food now, ill be leaning over the toilet for 30 minutes when i get to work.

So, guy asks what i want. Im immediately in a rage: i dont know what i want i have no control over what i am capable of eating without vomiting just put an iv in me and feed me somehow damn it!

Then comes the saddness: deli meat, lysteria, this guys horrible teeth, now it smells like burnt coffe. Omg i cant eat this crap. But im sooooooo hungry!!!

Guy helps 2 other customers. Im angry again. Now im waiting and late for work and i came here instead of the gym so im depressed again bc im lazy and fat!!

A nice old lady came out and gave me a donut. Whew. So greatful for nice old ladys. The only strangers that just know when a questionalby preggers crazy woman needs a donut. šŸ˜‹