Due 6/8/16, but water broke! Prayers? :)

Benton • Married: 08/15/15. Son: 05/20/16. Daughter: 05/18/18

Update 4: We have a baby!!!! :D

Update 3: Got an epidural and things went fast! At 9cm and 100% effaced!

Update 2: Pitocin is going heavily through the IV and I'm contacting consistently....and I can't tell? Lol! The nurse said I had a high pain tolerance.

Update: This is it! 2cm and 50% effaced, and starting pictocin in a few minutes! WOOT!!!!

Woke up to water running down my leg every 10 or so seconds, and already filled a pad! :) Called doctor to tell them, and they tell me all the sudden that I tested positive for Strep B, which would have been nice to know sooner. :/ But still, super nervous and excited! :) Prayers please? Thank you!