The day I found out I was was your like?

First thing first. I am 21 years old. I've been with my boyfriend since I was 16 years old. We were barely packing our stuff from our individual homes and getting ready to move in togther in a WEEK when we found out. I was so excited, nervous, anxious, just a roller coaster of emotions about the idea of living with him Lol before I found out I was pregnant,  I noticed that I was REALLY tired, I would even take naps in the middle of the day (which was odd for me) I could barely keep my eyes open in class and work,  everyday I had to have a mcflurry from McDonalds. My mom would ask me "are you pregnant?" And I would be like what? no! Thinking that my menstrual period was coming at any second. I would get this menstrual like- cramp but way lower than usual (it felt different) My BF would even make comments like "omg imagine your pregnant!" Because of my McFlurry cravings. It's almost as if people sensed it but me! my BF came and got me that night for a date, and even bought me pregnancy tests! He was like better safe than sorry, since we were planning on going to a bar with friends that weekend...I was only 2 days late which I'm late almost every cycle by 2-3 days. So I just got the test and took them thinking that he's just overreacting...a couple seconds later...2 lines came up. My eyes opened up so wide! and I instantly cried! I was soooo shocked that I didn't even hit me what was going on! I took two more, and two lines again! So many thoughts came into my mind. Obviously, this baby wasnt planned, and as much as I was sooo afraid, and shocked, and nervous, and emotional, I will never regret this💕💕 hearing and seeing the baby through an ultrasound for the first time time ever, is by far the best experience know that I have my little human being inside of me growing and jumping around is amazing. And I am so thankful, that I have a great man by my side supporting me and being there for me. I can't wait til the time comes, when I finally get to hold my baby boy or girl in my arms💕💕💕 I am so blessed!!!!
What are your ladies stories?:)