Trying to conceive baby with non supportive mom..?

I had my 1st child 2 years ago. Her dad and I have been debating on having a second child.

I brought this to my mom's attention, who was completely supportive. She was even giving me dates on trying to conceive, so that more family members could be involved in helping me after birth.

Now, my guy and I are actively trying.

My mom in the last month had changed her mind...saying that "it's more difficult with two Children."

She even went as far as to comparing me to my sister, and asked me what I would say to my sister and her boyfriend if they wanted a baby.

Well, my sister & her boyfriend live at home with my parents. He is unemployed, and they have an on and off relationship for the last year.

My guy and I have been together (constantly) since 2010. We have our own home, and we have been lucky enough that I can stay at home with our daughter, while he works full time. All our bills are paid. We have no outstanding debts (besides a car note.)

My mom even asks me if my period has started yet. I haven't told her that I am on my TWW.

I'm really sad, I feel that when a woman is trying to have another baby she should be able to go to her mom for comfort and support. I haven't told her about our active trying, because I don't want to be judged.

Any thoughts or opinions, ladies ?

Thank you for your time. Baby dust to you all who are trying to conceive.