Relationship with ex

Okay so in April my boyfriend broke up with me (not because of falling out of love or anything, it's was just commitments and stuff, it's complicated) so for about a month we were hardly talking but then we agreed to meet up. We then decided to start meeting up regularly whenever we could to see how things go. 
Things are going really well, we still have strong feelings for each other and get along so well. I think we both want to get back together but we're just trying to take it slow because there is so much in the air at the moment and too many uncertainties.
He said how we don't have the intention of goid out and pulling yet we shouldn't let it stop us if an opportunity came. 
Anyway, so we met up tonight, it was so lovely, cuddled up on the sofa watching to and then ended up sleeping with each other before going to the cinema. We're taking baby steps...we aren't really "seeing" each other just seeing how things go. Is this a bad thing do you think? It didn't make things awkward after, just felt closer to him again.