It's psychological

Unfortunately, when we REALLY REALLY want something, Our minds will trick us into thinking it's there. For example, when you truly believe you Could be pregnant, you will start to have every symptom in the world. I never ever got "morning sickness", or fuller breasts with darker nipples until I wanted to be pregnant so bad. My eyes played tricks on me into believing my Pregnancy tests were positive, when in all truth the second line was as invisible as the air. My best friend once told me "when you start to gag when you brush your teeth, you'll know you're pregnant". The very next day, I got that "symptom" and have every TWW since then, but have yet to be pregnant. We seem to take every little change in our bodies and associate it with the possibility of being pregnant, because that's what we want so badly. The same symptoms, CM changes, mood swings, etc that have more than likely always been there since before TTC are now noticeable. We care about them more. They are more prominent. Because we are actually looking for them now. Play this the slug bug game, but look for PT Cruisers. Sure, you've seen them before, but once you REALLY look for them you will realize there are more than you thought. You never cared before. It was just another car. But once you START to look for them they are everywhere!!! My whole point is, don't psych yourselves out ladies. Don't get so stressed over the process that it hurts your chances even more or even ruins your relationship. Don't get so excited over every little possible symptom and just enjoy your time with your SO ☺️ Do the BD as much as you can whether this app, any other app or any Opk  test tells you it's not "time" yet. Good luck to you all lovely ladies and BABY DUST!!! ??❤️?